mercoledì 22 ottobre 2014

Area Contaminata di mercoledi 22 ottobre

In studio Alberto Simoni.

Goat - "Goatslaves" (Rocket)
Ravioli Me Away - "What's It About" (Good Job)
Cosmic Thoughts - "Decayer" (Hot Salvation)
Total Control - "Hunter" (Iron Lung)
Clay Rendering - "Fire Is Fall's Rose" (Hospital Productions)

Il disco del mese di ottobre:
Lussuria - "Eyes Of The World" da "Industriale Illuminato" (Hospital Productions)

Killing Sound - "$ixxx Harmonies Version" (Blackest Ever Black)
Vessel - "Punish Honey" (Tri Angle)
Boothroyd - "Skinned" (Tri Angle)

La ristampa della settimana:
Richard H. Kirk - "Never Lose Your Shadow" (Minimal Wave)

Clock Dva - "Re-Kabaret 13" (Anterior Research)
Silent Servant - "Speed And Violence" (Cititrax)
Function : Vatican Shadow - "A Year Has Gone By" (Hospital Productions)


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