mercoledì 2 ottobre 2019

Area Contaminata #21


Puntata #21 di Area Contaminata in onda su
Conduzione a cura di Alberto Simoni.

 Four Tet - "Anna Painting" (Text)
 Floating Points - "LesAlpx" (Ninja Tune)
 Broken English Club - "Grey Windows" (L.I.E.S)
 Vox Low - "Now, We're Ready To Spend" (Born Bad)
 Curses - "Sordo" (Hoga Nord)
 Fad Gadget - "The Box" (Mute)
 Cabaret Voltaire - "She Loved You" (Mute)
 Normil Hawaiians - "Martin" (Upset! The Rhythm)
 Section 25 - "Girls Don't Count" (Factory Benelux)
 B Boys - "Cognitive Dissonance" (Captured Tracks)
 Sebadoh - "Celebrate The Void" (Fire)
 Pixies - "Graveyard Hill" (BMG)
 Fly Pan Am - "Bleeding Decay" (Constellation)
 Purple Mountains - "All My Happiness is Gone" (Drag City)
 Anni Hogan - "Ghosts Of Soho" (Cold Spring)

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