giovedì 11 marzo 2021

Area Contaminata #67

La puntata #67 di Area Contaminata è dedicata a nuove uscite e a ristampe in ambito indie.

Whitney K. - "Maryland" (Maple Death)

Allison Run – "Allison" (Spittle)

Mogwai – "Midnight Flit" (Rock Action)

Arab Strap – "Here Comes Comus!" (Rock Action)

Rat Columns – "I Can’t Live On Love" (Tough Love)

Tindersticks – "You’ll Have To Scream Louder" (City Slang)

Still Corners"White Sands" (Wrecking Light)

Jane Weaver – "Heartlow" (Fire)

Stereolab – "The Super-It" (Duophonic)

The Notwist – "Exit Strategy To Myself" (Morr Music)

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