martedì 4 ottobre 2022

Area Contaminata #118


Novità e ristampe indie rock e post-punk nell’episodio #118 di Area Contaminata.


The Afghan Whigs – "The Getaway" (Royal Cream)

Built To Spill – "Understood" (Sub Pop)

Yo La Tengo – "Stockholm Syndrome" (Matador)

Ty Segall – "Over" (Drag City)

The Cat’s Miaow – "Hollow Inside" (World Of Echo)

Tall Dwarfs – "Pirouette" (Merge)

LIFE – "Big Moon Lake" (Afghan Moon)

Vintage Crop – "Drafted" (Upset! The Rhythm)

Crime Of Passing – "Damrak"(Feel It)

Cola – "Blank Curtain" (Fire Talk)

Girls In Synthesis – "My Husband" (Own It)

Kevin Hewick and The Sound – "Plenty" (Lantern)

Codeine – "Something New" (Numero Group)

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