lunedì 27 febbraio 2017

Area Contaminata 27/02/17

In studio Max Zani e Alberto Simoni.

Barry Woolnough - "Great Father Spirit In The Sky" (Moine Dubh)
Cozmic Corridors - "Dark Path" (Mental Experience)
Charles Wain - "The Descent" (Roundtable)
Belbury Poly & Moon Wiring Club - "Moonling" (Ghost Box)
Applehead - "Peel-Art" (Pre-Cert Home Entertainment)
Andrew Liles - "Master Of The Universe" (Dirter Promotions)
Black Merlin - "Reef Play" (Island Of The Gods)
Autumns - "Imposter Syndrome" (Downwards)
The Lucid Dream - "I'm A Star In My Own Right" (Holy Are You Recordings)
Public Image Ltd - "Swan Lake ("Master")" (Virgin)
William Basinski - "For David Robert Jones" (Temporary Residence)

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