lunedì 13 marzo 2017

Area Contaminata 13/03/17

In studio Max Zani e Alberto Simoni.

Piano Magic - "Living For Other People" (Second Language)
Mind Over Mirrors - "To The Edges" (Paradise Of Bachelors)
Modern English - "Trees" (Modern English)
Moon Duo - "Will Of The Devil" (Sacred Bones)
Sleaford Mods - "Just Like We Do" (Rough Trade)
Raime - "Notion 2 Notion" (Blackest Ever Black)
Oake - "Anaximenes" (47)
Driftmachine - "Vermiform Burrows" (Umor Rex)
Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein - "Stranger Things (Extended)" (Invada)
Grebenstein - "Gloss" (Horo)
Years Of Denial - "Struggle" (Death & Leisure)
Children Of Alice - "The Liminal Space" (Warp)

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