venerdì 10 maggio 2019

Area Contaminata #15

Puntata #15 del nuovo formato di Area Contaminata in onda su
Conduzione a cura di Alberto Simoni.

The Flaming Lips  - "The Sparrow" (Bella Union)
Insides - "Darling Effect" (Beacon Sound)
Silver Apples - "The Edge Of Wonder (Andrew Weatherall Remix)" (Chickencoop)
Blancmange - "Living On The Ceiling (Richard Norris Remix)" (London)
Nocturnal Emissions - "Never Give Up" (Mannequin)
Adrian Borland - "Darkest Heart " (Sounds Haarlem Likes Vinyl)
Fontaines D.C.- "The Lotts" (Partisan)
The Murder Capital - "Feeling Fades" (Human Season)
Priests - "Texas Instruments" (Sister Polygon)
Slow White Fall - "Vein" (Downwards)
Test Dept - "Information Scare" (One Little Indian)
Ugandan Methods/Prurient - "Venom Timetables" (Ostgut Ton)
Salford Electronics - "Deconstruction (Ancient Methods Remix)" (Hospital Productions)
British Murder Boys - "Fire In The Still Air" (Downwards)

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