giovedì 1 giugno 2023

Area Contaminata #144


Puntata #144 di Area Contaminata, con sonorità che spaziano dal dub al folk, dalla new wave all’industrial.


Holy Tongue – "Threshing Floor" (Amidah)

Singers & Players – "Alla La - Dreadlocks Soldier" (Lantern)

African Head Charge – "Microdosing" (On-U Sound)

Lifetones – "For A Reason" (Light In The Attic)

Flaming Tunes – "Generous Moon" (Superior Viaduct)

Joanne Robertson – "Take Me In" (Ad 93)

Eyeless In Gaza – "Speech Rapid Fire" (Spittle)

Mark Cunningham – "Out Of Sleep" (Improved Sequence)

Psychic Tv – "In The Nursery (live)" (Cold Spring)

Holy Tongue – "I Am Here In A Place Beyond Desire Or Fear" (Amidah)

giovedì 25 maggio 2023

Area Contaminata #143


Brainwaltzera – "Good Endgar" (Film)

Mu-Ziq – "Froglets" (Balmat)

Lowfish – "Pooling" (Suction)

Warrington-Runcorn New Town Development Plan – "Rocksavage" (Castles In Space)

Nathan Fake – "Crystal Vision" (Cambria Instruments)

As One – "Vermillion" (De:Tuned)

Biosphere – "Baby Satellite" (Musique Pour La Danse)

The Black Dog – "Empire Statement Humanoid" (Dust Science)

B.E.F. – "Decline Of The West" (Cold Spring)

mercoledì 17 maggio 2023

Area Contaminata #142


La puntata #142 di Area Contaminata presenta una serie di novità e ristampe in ambito techno, electro e synthwave.

The Black Dog – "Circus Ov Daath" (Dust Science)

Clock Dva – "The Fall Of The Dream Machine" (Rizosfera)

Surgeon – "Masks & Archetypes" (Tresor)

Shifted Phases – "Lonely Journey Of The Comet Bopp" (Tresor)

Dj Trystero – "Tower" (Incienso)

Woodleigh Research Facility – "Shlap" (Nina Walsh)

CTI – "Dancing Ghosts" (Conspiracy International)

Chris & Cosey – "Masqued" (Conspiracy International)

mercoledì 10 maggio 2023

Area Contaminata #141


Area Contaminata #141


Novità e ristampe in ambito post-punk e darkwave nell’episodio #141 di Area Contaminata.

La parte finale della trasmissione è dedicata ad un ricordo di Mark Stewart, recentemente scomparso.


Autobahn – "Post-History" (Tough Love)

Current Affairs – "Right Time" (Tough Love)

Es – "Too Late" (Upset The Rhythm)

Girls In Synthesis – "I Know No Other Way" (Own It)

FACS – "Slogan" (Trouble In Mind)

Gli Insetti Nell’Ambra – "Antifiamo Travolta" (Skank Bloc)

Siouxsie and The Banshees – "Arabian Knights" (Polydor)

Virgin Prunes – "In The Greylight" (Virgin Prunes/Bmg

The Pop Group"She is Beyond Good and Evil" (Radar)

Mark Stewart and The Maffia – "Radio Freedom" (Soul Jazz)

Mark Stewart - "Hysteria" (Mute)

mercoledì 3 maggio 2023

Area Contaminata #140

La puntata #140 di Area Contaminata presenta una serie di novità in ambito elettronico, tra krautrock, sperimentazioni e suoni minimali.


Trees Speak – "Rare Earth" (Soul Jazz)

Bono/Burattini – "La Trama del Desiderio" (Maple Death)

Belbury Poly – "The Willows" (Ghost Box)

Staran Wake – "Moth Syndrome" (Hands In The Dark)

Troth – "Forget The Curse" (Mammas Mysteriska Jukebox)

Civilistjavel! – "Louhivesi (ft. Cucina Povera)" (Felt)

Marlene Ribeiro – "You Do It" (Rocket Recordings)

Luster – "L’Ideal" (Morc)

James Holden – "In The End You’ll Know" (Border Community)