martedì 27 febbraio 2024

Area Contaminata #168


Bassi profondi caratterizzano la puntata #168 di Area Contaminata, con suoni cupi tra dub, industrial e techno.


Lussuria – "Laughter At The Heights" (Hospital Productions)

SabaSaba  – "False Speech" (Maple Death)

Paul St. Hilaire  – "Three And A Half" (Kynant)

The Bug – "Buried (Your Life Is Short)"  (Pressure)

Kevin Richard Martin – "Camden Crawling" (Intercranial Recordings)

Andy Stott – "Love (Version)" (Modern Love)

Youth meets Radical Dance Faction – "Music For Lifts" (Cadiz Music)

Scanner – "Circumstances, Records, Rememberings" (Iklectik-Castles In Space Bandcamp)

Tradecraft"Black Mist" (Berceuse Heroique)


martedì 20 febbraio 2024

Area Contaminata #167


Atmosfere rilassate e sognanti, tra slowcore, psychedelia, shoegaze  e dream pop, nella puntata #167 di Area Contaminata.


Codeine – "Atmosphere" (Numero Group)

The American Analog Set  – "It’s All About Us (single version)" (Numero Group)

The Telescopes  – "We Carry Along" (Fuzz Club)

Bebaloncar – "You And Me" (Rubber Soul)

James Jonathan Clancy – "I Want You" (Maple Death)

Roy Montgomery & Friends – "Broken Heart Surgery" (Discreet Music)

Static Cleaner Lost Reward – "Stones On The Beach" (Low Company)

Troth – "Kind Of Cure" (Digital Regress)

Slab – "Fade Into You" (Hydrogen Dukebox)

Michael Smith & Andrew Weatherall – "Estuary Embers" (Faber & Faber)

mercoledì 14 febbraio 2024

Area Contaminata #166


L’episodio #166 di Area Contaminata si sviluppa su sonorità ambient techno, attraverso una selezione di ristampe di classici del genere ed un paio di novità.

Plastikman – "Gak" (Novamute)

F.U.S.E.  – "Uva" (Warp)

Speedy J – "Fill 14" (Warp)

Photek – "124" (Proper)

Orbital, David Holmes and DJ Helen featuring Mike Garry – "Tonight in Belfast" (London)

Donato Dozzy – "Franca" (Spazio Disponibile)

Voices From The Lake – "Circe + S.T. (VFTL Rework)" (Spazio Disponibile)

martedì 6 febbraio 2024

Area Contaminata #165

Novità e ristampe indie rock, folk e new wave nella puntata #165 di Area Contaminata.


J. Mascis – "Right Behind You" (Sub Pop)

Breeders  – "Divine Mascis" (4AD)

Sleater-Kinney – "Don’t Feel Right" (Loma Vista)

The American Analog Set – "Konika & Maliko" (Hometown Fantasy)

New Model Army – "Cold Wind" (Ear Music)

Modern English – "Not My Leader" (Inkind Music)

James Jonathan Clancy – "Castle Night" (Maple Death)

James Jonathan Clancy – "Black & White" (Maple Death)

The Legendary Pink Dots – "Blasto" (PIAS)

Mark Glynne & Bart Zwier – "Friends and Celebrities" (La Scie Dorée)

giovedì 1 febbraio 2024

Area Contaminata #164


Area Contaminata #164 propone una serie di novità downtempo, house, techno e contaminazioni jazz.


Four Tet – "Loved" (Text)

Astrid Sonne  – "Boost" (Escho)

D. Rothon – "The Wagon Rolls At Night" (Clay Pipe)

Jeff Mills – "The Other Maria" (Axis)

Actress – "Push Power" (Ninja Tune)

Ron Morelli – "Escapes" (L.I.E.S.)

Hieroglyphic Being – "Helium Three" (Apnea)

Millsart – "Just Like A (Vernacular Objects)" (Axis)

Michael J. Blood & Sockethead – "Swamptrix" (Blood)