lunedì 13 giugno 2016

Area Contaminata 13/06/16

Templehof & Gigi Masin - "Komorebi" (Hell Yeah Recordings)
Plaid - "Yu Mountain" (Warp)
Lucy - "Baba Yaga's Hut" (Stroboscopic Artefacts)
Raime - "Dialling In, Falling Out" (Blackest Ever Black)
Carla Dal Forno - "Better Yet" (Blackest Ever Black)
Max D - "A Billion Drops In Space" (Future Times)

La ristampa della settimana:
Caroline K - "Chearth" da "Now Wait For Last Year" (Klanggalerie & Blackest Ever Black)

Peder Mannerfelt - "Coast to Coast" (Peder Mannerfelt)
Odd Nosdam - "Burrow" (Leaving)
Dalhous - "Another Witnessed By Resolution" (Lapsus)

lunedì 6 giugno 2016

Area Contaminata 06/06/16

Nisennenmondai -"#4" (On-U Sound)
Channel One Sound System - "Kings Dub" (Ariwa)
Lee Perry & Dub Syndicate - "You Thought I Was Dead" (On-U Sound)
African Head Charge - "Beri Version" (On-U Sound)

La ristampa della settimana:
The Tapes - "Berlin 89" da "Selected Works 82-92" (Ecstatic)

Pye Corner Audio - "Stream Four" (Lapsus)
Prostitutes - "Pregnant Toad" (Spectrum Spools)
Klara Lewis - "Else" (Editions Mego)