giovedì 20 maggio 2021

Area Contaminata #75


Novità e ristampe in ambito minimal wave, industrial e techno nell’episodio #75 di Area Contaminata, con artisti quali: Alan Vega, Andy Ded/Toulouse Low Trax, Grauzone, C.I.A. Debutante, Cabaret Voltaire, Chris & Cosey, S.P.T./Regis, Broken English Club, Pessimist e Silent Servant. 

Alan Vega – "Fist" (Sacred Bones)

Andy Ded – "Summer Nightmares And Lazy Dogs (Toulouse Low Trax Rework)" (Camisole)

Grauzone – "Hinter Den Bergen" (WRWTFWW Records)

C.I.A. Debutante – "Pier" (SDZ)

Cabaret Voltaire – "BN9Drone" (Mute)

Chris & Cosey – "Jamming, Tottenham 1982" (Electronic Sound)

S.P.T. – "Silica (Regis Remix)" (Post Hoc)

Broken English Club – "Shadows And Tall Trees" (L.I.E.S.)

Pessimist – "Nothing Positive" (Berceuse Heroique)

Silent Servant – "Ranxerox" (Axis)

mercoledì 12 maggio 2021

Area Contaminata #74

Suoni post punk, tra novità e ristampe, caratterizzano l'episodio #74 di Area Contaminata.

Mosquitoes – "Strobeluck" (World Of Echo)

London Underground – "Dreams Are Better" (Cherry Red)

Surface Mutants – "When Are We? (Now We Are)" (Cheery Red)

Italia 90 – "Declare" (Brace Yourself)

Exek – "A Hedonist" (Castle Face)

Psyclones – "I Don’t Know" (Notte Brigante)

Yard Act – "Dark Days" (ZEN F.C.)

Dry Cleaning – "Strong Feelings" (4AD)

Tones On Tail – "War" (Beggars Banquet)

Kaputt – "Movement Now" (Upset! The Rhythm)

Gang Of Four – "Elevator (Demo)" (Matador)

Pylon – "Cool (Razz Tape)" (New West Records)

mercoledì 5 maggio 2021

Area Contaminata #73


La puntata #73 di Area Contaminata propone una serie di novità discografiche in ambito elettronico con protagonisti quali: Daniel Avery, Andy Stott, Burial, Being, Timothy J. Fairplay, The Fear Ratio/Plaid e Special Request.

Daniel Avery – "The Sovereignty Centre" (The Gun Well St.)

Andy Stott – "Never The Right Time (feat. Alison Skidmore)" (Modern Love)

Burial – "Dark Gethsemane" (Keysound Recordings)

Being – "The Awkard" (Firecracker)

Timothy J. Fairplay – "A Snowstorm In The Tropics" (Dungeon Module)

The Fear Ratio – "Morning Blues (Plaid Remix)" (Touched)

Special Request"Vellichor (DJ-Kicks)" (!K7)