lunedì 31 ottobre 2016

Area Contaminata 31/10/16

Puntata speciale Halloween, in studio Max Zani e Alberto Simoni.

John Carpenter - "Halloween Theme" (Mondo)
Xander Harris - "Straight Up Satan" (Rock Action)
Umberto - "The Investigation" (Rock Action)
Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein - "The Upside Down" (Netflix)
The Reds - "Lector's Cell" (MCA)
The Reds - "Leed's House" (MCA)
John Foxx - "Flightpath Tegel" (Metamatic)
Goblin - "Suspiria" (Cinevox)
S U R V I V E - "Wardenclyffe" (Relapse)
NRSB-11 - "Dead Civilization" (Weme)
Demdike Stare - "The Stars Are Moving" (Modern Love)
Mai Mai Mai - "Sette Nore In Nero" (Backwards)
Slant Azymuth - "Helicial Scan" (Pre-Cert Home Entertainment)
Broadcast - "Malleus Maleficarum" (Warp)
Broadcast - "Mark of the Devil" (Warp)
Broadcast - "Confession Modulation" (Warp)
Broadcast - "Monica's Fall" (Warp)
Broadcast - "Teresa's Song" (Warp)
Broadcast - "The North Downs Dimension" (Warp)
Broadcast - "Collatina is Coming" (Warp)

lunedì 24 ottobre 2016

Area Contaminata 24/10/16

The Pop Group - "Instant Halo" (Freaks R Us)
Preoccupations - "Monotony" (Jagjaguwar)
eMMplekz - "Painfully Teal" (Mordant Music)
Kuedo - "Warmer Light" (Planet Mu)
B12 - "Minor Decay" (Firescope)
Monolake - "Crash" (Imbalance Computer Music)
Shifted - "This Passage" (Hospital Production)
Surgeon - "Bland Ambition Pt.3" (Dynamic Tension)
Von Grall - "Gajeree" (Semantica)
Ossia - "Information" (Berceuse Heroique)
Mike Parker - "Two Step Sweep" (Spazio Disponibile)
Ken Ishii - "Extra (The 7th Plain Remix)" (R & S)

lunedì 17 ottobre 2016

Area Contaminata 17/10/16

In studio Max Zani e Alberto Simoni.

Kosmicher Läufer - "Morgenrote" (Unknown Capability Recordings)
Andrew Weatherall - "We Count The Stars (Unloved Remix)" (Rotters Golf Club)
Paolo Iocca - "Baseheadz" (RA-1)
Projects STS-31 - "50,000 light-years away" (Solar One)
Automatisme - "Simultaneite 3" (Constellation)
Der Zyklus - "Diffeomorphins" (Weme)
Oake - "Hélicorde" (Stroboscopic Artefacts)
My Disco - "Our Decade (Regis Remix)" (Downwards)
Death In June - "Death Books II" (Leprosy Discs)
Broken English Club - "Our History In Bones" (Death & Leisure)
Peter Baumann - "The Blue Dream" (Bureau B)

lunedì 10 ottobre 2016

Area Contaminata 10/10/16

In studio Max Zani e Alberto Simoni per la prima puntata della stagione 2016/2017.

Huerco S - "On The Enbankment" (Proibito)
Pye Corner Audio- "Mountain View" (Ghost Box)
Driftmachine - "Observant Sirens" (Umor-Rex)
Factory Floor - "Slow Listen" (DFA)
Zwischenwelt - "Telemetric" (Clone)
Death In Vegas - "Consequences Of Love" (Chris & Cosey Remix) (Drone)
Acronym - "Fluctuations" (Northern Electronics)
Voices From The Lake - "Secondo Tempo" (Spazio Disponibile)
Donato Dozzy - "Aurora" (Spazio Disponibile)
Bob Mould - "Hold On" (Merge)
Dinosaur Jr. - "Tiny" (Jagjaguwar)