lunedì 19 giugno 2017

Area Contaminata 19/06/17

In studio Max Zani e Alberto Simoni.

Com Truise - "...Of Your Fake Dimension" (Ghostly International)
Pye Corner Audio - "Do You Hear Them" (Death Waltz)
Dedekind Cut - "Déja Vu, In Reverse" (Hospital Productions)
Andrea Belfi - "Anticline" (Float)
Perc - "Wax Apple" (Perc Trax)
Lucy - "Cannon Fodder" (Life And Death)
Photek - "T-Raenon" (Op-Art)

Ospiti in studio Laura Marongiu e Andrea Napoli per presentare il festival Ombre Lunghe.

Merchants - "Palace" (Yerevan Tapes)
Pessimist - "Glued ft.Loop Faction" (Blackest Ever Black)
Don't Dj - "Syrian Rue" (Berceuse Heroique)

lunedì 12 giugno 2017

Area Contaminata 12/06/17

In studio Max Zani e Alberto Simoni.

DSRlines - "Uitkomst" (Black Sweat)
Lussuria - "Aegri Somnia" (Hospital Productions)
Andrea Belfi - "Syncline" (Float)
Forest Swords - "Arms Out" (Ninja Tune)
The Heliocentrics - "A World Of Masks" (Soundway)
Croatian Amor - "Love Means Taking Action" (Alter)
Al Lover - "New Monkey Forest II remix" (Artetetra)
Helena Hauff - "c45p" (Dark Entries)
Veil Of Light - "Your Love" (Avant!)
Fixmer / McCarthy - "Chemicals" (Sonic Groove)
Bola - "Pelomen Vapour 1" (Skam)
Saint Etienne - "Take It All In" (Heavenly)

lunedì 5 giugno 2017

Area Contaminata 05/06/17

In studio Max Zani e Alberto Simoni.

Mika Vainio - "Give 'Em Hell Echo Pappa!" (Elektro Music Department)
James Place - "Wild Theme Unseen" (Umor Rex)
Hodge & Peder - "Inside The Rain" (Peder Mannerfelt)
Janek Schaefer - "Sparkles Into The Light Of Night" (Room 40)
Simon Marchesini - "A Parasitic Capture Of Abstruse And Enigmatic Records" (Theoreme)
Second Woman - "Gabor Lazar Rev2" (Spectrum Spools)
Svreca & Voices From The Lake - "Shado" (Spazio Disponibile)
Peverelist - "Further Inland" (Livity Sound)
Lucy - "Cannon Fodder (Planetary Assault Systems Rework)" (Life And Death)
Thurston Moore - "Smoke Of Dreams" (Caroline International)
Jane Weaver - "Modern Kosmology" (Fire)