martedì 6 agosto 2019

Area Contaminata #19

Puntata #19 di Area Contaminata in onda su
Conduzione a cura di Alberto Simoni.

Komodo Kolektif - "Festival Of The Black Sun: Parts 1&2 (Evocation, Transfiguration)" - (Invisible Inc)
Higher Intelligence Agency/Biosphere - "Gas Street Basin" (Headphone)
Claro Intelecto - "Sirens" (Delsin)
Jeff Mills - "The Tides" (Axis)
Donato Dozzy - "12H.5 (Remix)" (Spazio Disponibile)
Thom Yorke - "Twist" (XL)
Jarv Is … - "Must I Evolve?" (Rough Trade)
Blue Orchids - "Addicted To The Day" (Tiny Global Productions)
The Cool Greenhouse - "Cardboard Man" (Lumpy)
Monokultur - "Daliga Nyheter" (Forlag For Fri Musik)
This Kind Of Punishment - "Don't Go" (Superior Viaduct)
Membranes - "What Nature Gives … Nature Takes Away" (Cherry Red)
Constant Mongrel - "Experts In Skin" (Upset! The Rhythm)
Clay Rendering - "Don't Understand You" (Hospital Productions)