lunedì 19 dicembre 2016

Area Contaminata 19/12/16

In studio Max Zani e Alberto Simoni per l'ultima puntata del 2016.

The Orb - "First, Consider The Lillies" (Kompakt)
D.A.R.F.D.H.S. - "Shoot! Rob!" (Opal Tapes)
Casual Violence - "This Place Never More" (Coum)
ISSHU - "Regret" (Seagrave)
Lucy & Rrose - "Stained Glass" (Stroboscopic Artefacts)
Gross Net - "Still Life" (Touch Sensitive)
Marie Davidson - "Good Lifes (Mocking Birds)" (Cititrax)
AIR LQD - "Let's Talk" (Unknown Precept)
WSR - "Exclave (Unlearned)" (Contort)
Aphex Twin - "Untitled (A Side)" (White Label)

lunedì 12 dicembre 2016

Area Contaminata 12/12/16

In studio Max Zani e Alberto Simoni.

BXP - "Acapulco Basement" (RA-1)
Luke Hess - "Hoodmode" (Echocord)
Shapes - "Way Below" (Umor Rex)
Pessimist - "Paian" (UVB-76 Music)
Muslimgauze - "Zilver Track 1" (Staalplaat)
Demdike Stare - "Airborne Latency" (Modern Love)
Anthony Child - "Amoré" (Editions Mego)
1991 - "No More Dreams IV" (No More Dreams)
Pinkcourtesyphone - "New Domestic Landscape" (Editions Mego)
G.H. - "Angels And Doormen" (Modern Love)
Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement - "Full Moon Moth" (Hospital Productions)

lunedì 5 dicembre 2016

Area Contaminata 05/12/16

In studio Max Zani, Alberto Simoni e ospite speciale Andrea Napoli, fondatore della AVANT! Records.

Ultravox - "Slow Motion" (Island)
John Bender - "Victims Of Victimless Crimes" (Record Sluts)
Cabaret Voltaire - "Seconds Too Late" (Rough Trade)
Colin Potter - "Power" (Deep Distance)
New Order - "Everything's Gone Green" (Factory)
Xmal Deutschland - "Augen - Blick" (4AD)
Wire - "The 15th" (EMI)
The Kvb - "Silent Wave" (Invada)

Speciale AVANT! Records:

Black Bug - "Push You" (Avant!)
Drift - "Mirage" (Avant!)
Pure Ground - "Poison" (Avant!)
Rendez-Vous - "Workout" (Avant!)
Qual - "Benevolent Technologies" (Avant!)

lunedì 28 novembre 2016

Area Contaminata 28/11/16

In studio Max Zani e Alberto Simoni.

Zomby - "E.S.P" (Hyperdub)
Villalobos/Ambarchi - "Hubris Variation" (Editions Mego)
Demdike Stare - "Curzon" (Modern Love)
Egisto Macchi - "Violenza Meccanica" (Cinedelic)
Grebenstein/Seefried - "Strong Proud Stupid and Superior" (Downwards)
Nathan Fake feat. Prurient - "Degreelessness" (Ninja Tune)
Orphx - "All Rivers At Once" (Sonic Groove)
Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement - "Nocturnal Anatomy" (Hospital Productions)
Autechre - "Dael" (Warp)
Colin Newman - "Alone" (Sentient Sonics)
His Clancyness - "Uranium" (Maple Death)

lunedì 21 novembre 2016

Area Contaminata 21/11/16

In studio Max Zani e Alberto Simoni.

Shackleton with Ernesto Tomasini - "Rinse Out All Contaminants" (Honest Jons)
Tomaga - "A Perspective With No End" (Hands In The Dark)
Vanishing Twin - "Telescope" (Soundway)
Voltair - "Parasite" (Random Numbers)
Wolfgang Voigt - "Apodiktische Gewissheit (Original Mix)" (Profan)
Tim Burgess & Peter Gordon - "Around" (O Genesis)
David West - "The Happiest Man In This Room" (Tough Love)
Autechre - "Teartear" (Warp)
Beastie Boys - "An Open Letter to NYC" (Capitol)
A Tribe Called Quest - "The Space Program" (Epic)
Tuxedo Moon - "What Use?" (Crammed Discs)

lunedì 14 novembre 2016

Area Contaminata 14/11/16

In studio Max Zani e Alberto Simoni.

Leonard Cohen - "Steer Your Way" (Sony)
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - "Skeleton Tree" (Bad Seed)
Botany - "Outer Verberum" (Western Vinyl)
Botany - "Orange Hits the Pupil" (Western Vinyl)
Isan - "Parley Glove" (Morr Music)
Blanck Mass - "D7 - D5" (Sacred Bones)
Killing Joke - "The Wait (Live At The Hammersmith Apollo)" (Concert Live) 
Ø [Phase] - "Alone In Time? (Floor Mix)" (Token)
Loscil - "Red Tide" (Kranky)
MJ Guider - "White Alsatian" (Kranky)
Autechre - "Eggshell" (Warp)

lunedì 7 novembre 2016

Area Contaminata 07/11/16

In studio Max Zani e Alberto Simoni.

Cavern Of Anti-Matter - "I'm The Unknown" (Duophonic)
Illum Sphere - "Fall Into Water" (Ninja Tune)
Nisennenmondai - "#6 (Chris Carter remix)" (On.U Sound)
AtomTM - "Meeire Leight" (AtomTM_Audio_Archiv)
1991 - "No More Dreams VI" (No More Dreams)
Tomorrow The Rain Will Fall Upwards - "Wreck His Days" (Blackest Ever Black)
Oren Ambarchi - "Hubris (Part 1)" (Editions Mego)
Carla Dal Forno - "What You Gonna Do Now?" (Blackest Ever Black)
Peter Michael Hamel - "Colours Of Time (Deepchord’s Carolina Forest Mix)" (Astral Industries)
Jenny Hval - "Female Vampire" (Sacred Bones)
The Agnes Circle - "White Gate" (Avant!)

lunedì 31 ottobre 2016

Area Contaminata 31/10/16

Puntata speciale Halloween, in studio Max Zani e Alberto Simoni.

John Carpenter - "Halloween Theme" (Mondo)
Xander Harris - "Straight Up Satan" (Rock Action)
Umberto - "The Investigation" (Rock Action)
Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein - "The Upside Down" (Netflix)
The Reds - "Lector's Cell" (MCA)
The Reds - "Leed's House" (MCA)
John Foxx - "Flightpath Tegel" (Metamatic)
Goblin - "Suspiria" (Cinevox)
S U R V I V E - "Wardenclyffe" (Relapse)
NRSB-11 - "Dead Civilization" (Weme)
Demdike Stare - "The Stars Are Moving" (Modern Love)
Mai Mai Mai - "Sette Nore In Nero" (Backwards)
Slant Azymuth - "Helicial Scan" (Pre-Cert Home Entertainment)
Broadcast - "Malleus Maleficarum" (Warp)
Broadcast - "Mark of the Devil" (Warp)
Broadcast - "Confession Modulation" (Warp)
Broadcast - "Monica's Fall" (Warp)
Broadcast - "Teresa's Song" (Warp)
Broadcast - "The North Downs Dimension" (Warp)
Broadcast - "Collatina is Coming" (Warp)

lunedì 24 ottobre 2016

Area Contaminata 24/10/16

The Pop Group - "Instant Halo" (Freaks R Us)
Preoccupations - "Monotony" (Jagjaguwar)
eMMplekz - "Painfully Teal" (Mordant Music)
Kuedo - "Warmer Light" (Planet Mu)
B12 - "Minor Decay" (Firescope)
Monolake - "Crash" (Imbalance Computer Music)
Shifted - "This Passage" (Hospital Production)
Surgeon - "Bland Ambition Pt.3" (Dynamic Tension)
Von Grall - "Gajeree" (Semantica)
Ossia - "Information" (Berceuse Heroique)
Mike Parker - "Two Step Sweep" (Spazio Disponibile)
Ken Ishii - "Extra (The 7th Plain Remix)" (R & S)

lunedì 17 ottobre 2016

Area Contaminata 17/10/16

In studio Max Zani e Alberto Simoni.

Kosmicher Läufer - "Morgenrote" (Unknown Capability Recordings)
Andrew Weatherall - "We Count The Stars (Unloved Remix)" (Rotters Golf Club)
Paolo Iocca - "Baseheadz" (RA-1)
Projects STS-31 - "50,000 light-years away" (Solar One)
Automatisme - "Simultaneite 3" (Constellation)
Der Zyklus - "Diffeomorphins" (Weme)
Oake - "Hélicorde" (Stroboscopic Artefacts)
My Disco - "Our Decade (Regis Remix)" (Downwards)
Death In June - "Death Books II" (Leprosy Discs)
Broken English Club - "Our History In Bones" (Death & Leisure)
Peter Baumann - "The Blue Dream" (Bureau B)

lunedì 10 ottobre 2016

Area Contaminata 10/10/16

In studio Max Zani e Alberto Simoni per la prima puntata della stagione 2016/2017.

Huerco S - "On The Enbankment" (Proibito)
Pye Corner Audio- "Mountain View" (Ghost Box)
Driftmachine - "Observant Sirens" (Umor-Rex)
Factory Floor - "Slow Listen" (DFA)
Zwischenwelt - "Telemetric" (Clone)
Death In Vegas - "Consequences Of Love" (Chris & Cosey Remix) (Drone)
Acronym - "Fluctuations" (Northern Electronics)
Voices From The Lake - "Secondo Tempo" (Spazio Disponibile)
Donato Dozzy - "Aurora" (Spazio Disponibile)
Bob Mould - "Hold On" (Merge)
Dinosaur Jr. - "Tiny" (Jagjaguwar)

lunedì 4 luglio 2016

Area Contaminata 04/07/16

Ultima puntata della stagione 2015/2016.

Swans - "When Will I Return?" (Young God)
Raime - "Cold Cain" (Blackest Ever Black)
Lakker - "Emergo" (R&S)
Asher Levitas - "Blessed Mother" (Planet Mu)
SHXCXCHCXSH - "SsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSs" (Avian)
Aphex Twin - "Cirklon3 (Kolkhoznaya Mix)" (Warp)
Lone - "Vapour Trail" (R&S)
Monoton - "Soundtrack Dubpitch (Svengalighost + Ron Morelli Remix)" (Desire)
Function/Inland - "Colwyn Bay" (Infrastructure)
Vatican Shadow - "More Of The Same (Tunisia)" (Hospital Productions)
Dva Damas - "Clear Cut (Radio Edit)" (Downwards America) 
eMMplekz - "Membrane" (Mordant Music)

La ristampa della settimana:
The Beatnigs - "Television (On-U Sound Dance Mix)" da "Sherwood At the Controls Volume 2: 1985-1990" (On-U Sound) 

lunedì 13 giugno 2016

Area Contaminata 13/06/16

Templehof & Gigi Masin - "Komorebi" (Hell Yeah Recordings)
Plaid - "Yu Mountain" (Warp)
Lucy - "Baba Yaga's Hut" (Stroboscopic Artefacts)
Raime - "Dialling In, Falling Out" (Blackest Ever Black)
Carla Dal Forno - "Better Yet" (Blackest Ever Black)
Max D - "A Billion Drops In Space" (Future Times)

La ristampa della settimana:
Caroline K - "Chearth" da "Now Wait For Last Year" (Klanggalerie & Blackest Ever Black)

Peder Mannerfelt - "Coast to Coast" (Peder Mannerfelt)
Odd Nosdam - "Burrow" (Leaving)
Dalhous - "Another Witnessed By Resolution" (Lapsus)

lunedì 6 giugno 2016

Area Contaminata 06/06/16

Nisennenmondai -"#4" (On-U Sound)
Channel One Sound System - "Kings Dub" (Ariwa)
Lee Perry & Dub Syndicate - "You Thought I Was Dead" (On-U Sound)
African Head Charge - "Beri Version" (On-U Sound)

La ristampa della settimana:
The Tapes - "Berlin 89" da "Selected Works 82-92" (Ecstatic)

Pye Corner Audio - "Stream Four" (Lapsus)
Prostitutes - "Pregnant Toad" (Spectrum Spools)
Klara Lewis - "Else" (Editions Mego)

lunedì 30 maggio 2016

Area Contaminata 30/05/16

Death In Vegas - "Transmission" (Drone)
Silent Servant - "Autosuggestion" (L.I.E.S.)
JK Flesh - "Nothing Is Free (Surgeon Remix)" (Downwards)
Lakker - "Ever Rising" (R&S)

La ristampa della settimana:
Jega - "Lake Windermere" da "1995" (Skam)

Plaid - "Clock" (Warp)
Lone - "Sleepwalkers" (R&S)
Mark Pritchard - "Sad Alron" (Warp)
Brian Eno - "I'm Set Free" (Warp)

lunedì 23 maggio 2016

Area Contaminata 23/05/16

Andy Stott - "Forgotten" (Modern Love)
Anohni - "Obama" (Rough Trade)
Juan Atkins & Moritz von Oswald Present Borderland - "Odyssey" (Tresor)
Pantha Du Prince - "You What? Euphoria!" (Rough Trade)
Death In Vegas - "Consequences Of Love" (Drone)

La ristampa della settimana:
Denial - "The Weatherman" (A Colourful Storm)

Carla Dal Forno - "Fast Moving Cars" (Blackest Ever Black)
Wire - "Forward Position" (Pinkflag)

lunedì 16 maggio 2016

Area Contaminata 16/05/16

Lucy - "Meetings With Remarkable Entities" (Stroboscopic Artifacts)
Raime - "Dead Heat" (Blackest Ever Black)
RM - "Loss" (Ideal)
Simon Shreeve - "Sharada" (Downwards)
Eschaton - "No Other Gods Before Me" (Token)

La ristampa della settimana:
Conflict - "Tough Shit Mickey" da "Increase The Pressure" (Let Them Eat Vinyl)

Bob Mould - "The End  Of Things" (Merge)
Cockney Rejects - "Goodbye Upton Park" (No Label)

lunedì 2 maggio 2016

Area Contaminata 02/05/16

John Carpenter - "Bela Lugosi" (Sacred Bones)
Unloved - "When A Woman Is Around (Andrew Weatherall Remix)" (Unloved)
Andy Stott - "New Romantic" (Modern Love)
Radioactive Man -"Go Ahead London" (Tuppence)
Wire - "Nocturnal Koreans" (Pinkflag)

La ristampa della settimana:
Colin Potter - "Power" da "The Scythe" (Deep Distance)

Teho Teardo & Blixa - "Nerissimo (Italian)" (Spècula)
Sophia - "Blame" (The Flower Shop Recordings)

lunedì 18 aprile 2016

Area Contaminata 18/04/16

The Oscillation - "Let It Be The End" (All Time Low)
Primal Scream - "Mantra For A State Of Mind" (First International)
The KVB - "Silent Wave" (Invada)
Gnod - "The Mirror" (Rocket)

La ristampa della settimana:
Orior - "Earth Rhythm" da "Strange Beauty" (Demdike Stare)

Cavern Of Anti-Matter - "Void Beat (Karen Gwyer Remix)" (Duophonic)
Dalhous - "End Of Each Analysis" (Blackest Ever Black)
Bremen - "First Leap" (Blackest Ever Black)

lunedì 11 aprile 2016

Area Contaminata 11/04/16

Clark - "Upward Evaporation" (Warp)
Dalhous - "Ecstasy As A Mask Or A Shield" (Blackest Ever Black)
Tim Hecker - "Castrati Stack" (4AD)
Regis & Prurient - "The Eternal Laws" (Hospital Productions)
Black Tears - "Fears For Desires" (Veleno Viola)
Kangding Ray - "Ardent" (Stroboscopic Artefacts)

La ristampa della settimana:
Tony Conrad with Faust - "The Side Of Man And Womankind" da "Outside The Dream Syndicate" (Superior Viaduct)

lunedì 4 aprile 2016

Area Contaminata 04/04/16

Secret Boyfriend - "Little Jammy Center" (Blackest Ever Black)
Odd Nosdam - "Sisters" (Leaving)
J Dilla - "Dillatronic 09" (Vintage Vibez)
Massive Attack feat. Tricky+3D - "Take It There" (Virgin)
Golden Rules - "Never Die (feat. Yasiin Bey)" (Lex)

La ristampa della settimana:
KMD - "Black Bastards!" da "Black Bastards" (Metal Face)

A Tribe Called Quest - "Steve Biko (Stir it Up)" (Jive) PHIFE RIP
Kendrick Lamar - "Untitled 06  - 06.30.2014" (Aftermath/Interscope)
Cappo - "Kitted Out" (Boot)

lunedì 21 marzo 2016

Area Contaminata 21/03/16

Alex Smoke - "Lossgain" (R&S)
Underworld - "I Exhale" (Caroline)
Xeno & Oaklander - "He's A Liquid" (Metamatic)
In The Mouth Of The Wolf - "A Search For New Realities" (Diagonal)
Nitzer Ebb - "Shame (Regis Edit)" (Blackest Ever Black)

La ristampa della settimana:
Crash Course In Science - "Jump Over Barrels" (Dark Entries)

Jesu / Sun Kil Moon - "Carondelet" (Caldo Verde)
Stephen O'Malley - "Dread Live" (Ideal Recordings)

lunedì 7 marzo 2016

Area Contaminata 07/03/16

Andrew Weatherall - "We Count The Stars" (Rotters Golf Club)
Cavern Of Anti-Matter - "Void Beat" (Duophonic)
Throw Down Bones - "Bones" (Fuzz Club)
Not Waving - "24" (Diagonal)
Massive Attack feat. Young Fathers - "Voodoo In My Blood" (Virgin)

La ristampa della settimana:
The Pop Group - "Feed The Hungry" da "For How Much Longer Do We Tolerate Mass Murder?" (Freaks R Us)

Sarah Neufeld - "Where The Light Comes In"  (Kartel)

lunedì 29 febbraio 2016

Area Contaminata 29/02/16

Surgeon - "z8_GND_5296" (Dynamic Tension)
Headless Horseman - "Raven" (Headless Horseman)
Kerridge - "FLA - 1" (Downwards)
SØS Gunver Ryberg - "1170 Siva" (Contort)

La ristampa della settimana:
Muslimgauze - "Dissidents" da "Kabul" (Vinyl-On-Demand)

Ninos Du Brasil - "Algo Ou Alguem Entre As Arvores" (Hospital Productions)
Shapednoise - "Dream Within A Dream" (Type)

lunedì 22 febbraio 2016

Area Contaminata 22/02/16

Cavern Of Anti-Matter - "Melody In High Feedback Tone" (Duophonic)
Throw Down Bones - "Our Home, The Holy Mountain" (Fuzz Club)
Not Waving - "Believe" (Diagonal)
Illum Sphere - "Second Sight" (Ninja Tune)
Room 506 - "Drop Out" (Not On Label)

La ristampa della settimana:
Patrick Cowley - "Somebody To Love Tonight" da "Muscle Up" (Dark Entries)

!!! - "Every Little Bit Counts" (Warp)

lunedì 15 febbraio 2016

Area Contaminata 15/02/16

The Sabres Of Paradise - "Smokebelch II (Entry)" (Sabres Of Paradise)
The Woodleigh Research Facility - "Oslers Crystal Fountain" (Rotters Golf Club)
Two Lone Swordsmen - "Taste Of Our Flames" (Warp)
The Woodleigh Research Facility - "Taqiya" (feat.Youth) (Rotters Golf Club)
Andrew Weatherall - "The Last Week" (Rotters Golf Club)
Andrew Weatherall - "Disappear" (Rotters Golf Club)
The Orb - "Little Fluffy Clouds (Live)" (Island)

lunedì 1 febbraio 2016

Area Contaminata 01/02/16

Minor Threat - "Salad Days" (Dischord)
Shallow Sanction - "Vacant Rituals" (Alter)
My Disco - "Successive Pleasure" (Temporary Residence)
Lumisokea - "Generation Z" (Opal Tapes)
Casual Violence - "And Know Me" (Zhark Recordings)
Headless Horseman - "Her Black Wings" (Headless Horseman)
B12 - "It's My Blood" (Delsin)

La ristampa della settimana:
Underworld - "Bloody 1" da "Second Toughest In The Infants" Box Set (Universal)

lunedì 18 gennaio 2016

Area Contaminata 18/01/16

Conforce - "Realtime" (Delsin)
Silent Harbour - "Morning Sun" (Deep Sound Channel)
Head Technician - "Echo Blooms" (Ecstatic)
B12 - "Descension" (Soma)

La ristampa della settimana:
Ruts - "In A Rut (Peel Session)" da "At The BBC" (Virgin)

The Clash - "Guns Of Brixton (The Bug ft.The Spaceape remix unreleased)" (Soundcloud)
Membranes - "In The Graveyard" (Cherry Red)

lunedì 11 gennaio 2016

Area Contaminata 11/01/16

David Bowie - "Lazarus" (ISO Records)
Disappears - "Weeping Wall (live)" (Sonic Cathedral)
My Disco - "Our Decade" (Temporary Residence)
Broken English Club - "Derelict" (Cititrax)
Shapednoise - "Enlightenment (feat. Justin K. Broadrick)" (Type)

La ristampa della settimana:
The Lord - "Out Of Space And Out Of Time" da "Cold Waves Of Color Volume 2" (Color Tapes)

Colder - "Turn Your Back" (Not Available)
Cavern Of Anti Matter  - "Phototones" (Ghost Box)