lunedì 21 dicembre 2015

Polaroid Contaminata 14/12/15

Puntata speciale condotta da Enzo Baruffaldi e Alberto Simoni con ospiti in studio Michele e Cecilia dei Qlowski.

New Order - Tutti Frutti
Thee Tsunamis - Female Trouble
Clever Square - Highly Effective Solutions
[collegamento telefonico con Francesco Farabegoli -]
Caso - Lario
Knife Pleats - Wonderful
The Coneheads - Alien & Warm
Second Layer - Fixation
Protomartyr - I Forgive You
Ultimate Painting - Woken By Noises
Autobahn - Immaterial Man
Clay Rendering - Fall Off The Bed
Dick Diver - Waste The Alphabet
Any Other - To The Kino Again
The Legend! - '73 in '83
Downtown Boys - Wave Of History
The Royal Headache - Need You
Twerps - Back To You
Helena Hauff - Spur
Viet Cong - Silohuettes
Westkust - Drown
Six Six Seconds - Tearing Down Heaven
Jack Name - Running After Ganymede
Ben Seretan - Light Leaks
Ossia - Red X
Trust Fund - Cut Me Out

Polaroid Contaminata 14/12/2015 by Alberto_Simoni on Mixcloud

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